User Count Summary

The User Count Summary provides a quick view of the number of accounts registered at your organization. For instance, if you are Admin at a school, you will see usage numbers just for your school. If you are an Admin at the district level, you will see numbers just for users who are registered at the district level. The accounts are categorized by role and accessibility.

Admin Tools, User Count Summary

Summary by Role:

  • Registered Users shows the total number of users who have registered from your organization.
  • Students shows the number of those users who are students.
  • Teachers shows the number of those users who are teachers.

Summary by Accessibility:

  • Active Users shows the number of current users who have a permission to use the application from your organization.
  • Locked Users show the number of current users who have their profiles locked (by an Admin) so their passwords cannot be changed.
  • Inactive Users shows the number of users whose usage privileges have been revoked by an Admin.

It is important to note that if your school or organization accesses the application via an Internet Protocol address (IP access), your number of actual users is likely to be much higher than is identified here. This is because individual registration is not necessary to access the application in the IP access scenario.

To get more detailed information regarding usage in your organization, select the Usage Reports tool from the Admin Tools sidebar menu.

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