Usage Reports

Provided Usage Reports allow Admins to understand how members of their organizations are using the application and its features.

Admins can view usage reports at their own organization levels or at any levels below them. For instance, anyone who is an Admin at the District level can view usage reports from the district level and from any subscribing school within that district. Admins at the School level can view usage reports for their own schools but not at other subscribing schools in the district or at the District level.

In addition, when choosing Usage Reports from the Admin Tools sidebar menu, Admins at the District level or above will be presented with an Organizational drop-down menu from which they can select the specific organization whose usage report they want to view. Admins who administer only a single school will not see the organizational drop-down menu when they select Usage Report from the Admin Tools sidebar menu. Instead, the Admin’s organizational label (e.g. school name) will be displayed.

Admin Tools, Usage Reports, Organization Selector

Once an Admin arrives at the Usage Reports for the desired organization, the following information is available for review:

  • Search Page Views
    This represents the number of search result pages produced as the result of any type of user search. For instance, this might include keyword searches, the results from a drill-down search, the results from a Famous Person search, or an image search.
  • My Content Usage
    This represents usage associated with the My Content feature. For instance, this might include searches saved to My Content, items retrieved from My Content, or classes created or accessed in My Content.
  • Read Aloud Usage
    This represents usage associated with the Read Aloud feature.
  • Page Visits
    This represents the total number of pages displayed for the users in your school community. These pages are the result of user navigation, searching and all other activities.
  • Authentication
    This represents all forms of access. That access may be by users with individual usernames and passwords, by groups of users who all use the same username and password (for instance, if a teacher instructs all students to log in using a single login), or through IP access.

If your district shares IP access across many schools, the total district statistics will be accurate. Individual school statistics may vary slightly depending on how the schools and computers are initially recognized during the initial IP activation process. With IP activation, the first time a user logs in from a computer at one of your schools, the user will be asked to choose a school with which that computer is associated. This allows us to track the usage from that computer to the appropriate school. There is the possibility that a teacher or student may not select the correct school or that the computer was moved to a different location. In both of these circumstances, the usage statistics will not be logged to the correct school.

  • Total Activity
    This represents Year-to-Date activity for all categories of usage.

In addition to viewing usage data in the charts that appear on the Usage Report page, Admins also have the option to export data either in spreadsheet form or as a .pdf. Two reports are available – Summary Data and Detail Data. Just click the appropriate button to download your reports.

Admin Tools, Usage Report, File Export

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