Registration Key

When a school or district begins its application subscription, the Admin receives a Welcome email which contains, among other important items, a Registration Key generated for the school or district. (If the subscription covers more than one school, a Registration Key will be pre-generated for each school, but only one will be sent in the Welcome email.)

A Registration Key is required for individuals, whether they are Admins, Teachers, or Students, to register as users. The use of a Registration Key automatically assigns the user to the correct school.

The Registration Key Admin Tool allows an Admin to choose a school and:

  • View the Registration Key history
  • Print instructions which are automatically populated with the Registration Key
  • Generate a new Registration Key, and determine the period of time during which that Registration Key will be valid.

Registration Key History

When you access the Registration Key page, you see all of the Registration Keys which have been created for your school or district. If you are an Admin for more than one school or organization, you will see the histories for all the organizations.

icurio Admin Registration Key History screenshot
Admin Tools, Registration Key History

From this screen, you can print instructions which can be given to teachers and students, you can see which key is assigned to which organization, you can learn the expiration date of any given Registration Key, and, with the click of the RENEW tab, you can renew any Registration Key which has expired.

By clicking on the boxes next to the keys, and clicking the DELETE tab, you can remove Registration Keys which you no longer need. You can click the box at the top to select all the keys, as well. Be cautious with this! If you are an Admin at the district level, you will see all organizations or schools within your district which have subscriptions. If you click Check All, then Delete, you will delete all Registration Keys for your district. That may not be the result you intended.

Create New Registration Key

You also create new Registration Keys on this page by clicking on Create New Key. If you are a district administrator, you can use this tool to create new Registration Keys for each school in your district which has a subscription. You may also choose to do this if you want to give specific groups of users a limited period of active use. For instance if a group of teachers from several schools will be in training in the same building, it may be helpful to have them all register at the same school for the period of that training.

icurio Admin Tools Create New Registration Key Screenshot
,Admin Tools, Create New Registration Key

A. Choose a School
The first step in generating a Registration Key is to choose an Organization (usually a school). All the organizations for which you are an Admin will appear in a drop-down list under Organization. Choose the organization from that list for which you wish to generate a new Registration Key.

B. Choose a Role (optional)
The second step is to choose a role. By default, all new users are registered as Students, but if you have a group of teachers or admins for whom you want to create a special registration key, you can select that role here. Remember, though, that anyone who uses that Registration Key will be registered as the role you selected. If you choose to create a single Registration Key for an organization, you can provide teachers with a Teacher Code later.

C. Choose an Active Period
The third step is to choose a period of time during which you want this new Registration Key to be active. This defaults to 1 year. You may, however, choose from 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, and 1 year. This only defines when the Registration Key will expire, not when user accounts created with it will expire. If you are doing a training session, for instance, you might want to create a Registration Key which will expire in one day.

D. Generate Key
Once you have chosen the appropriate school and active period, just click GENERATE. You will receive a six-character code which you will be able to share.

icurio Admin Tools Generated Registration Key screenshot
Admin Tools, Generated Registration Key

E. Generated Registration Key
Once you click GENERATE, you will find your newly generated Registration Key at the bottom of the page. This is the key which you will give to teachers and students so they may create their accounts.

F. Print Instructions
To make it easy to communicate the new Registration Key, just click the Print Instructions link. Then you can either print out the form you receive and give copies of the form to your users, or you could save the form as a file on your computer and attach that file to an email. Either way, this form will show your users what the Registration Key is as well as how to use it when they register.

icurio Admin Tools Print Registration Key Instructions screenshot
Admin Tools, Print Registration Key Instructions

If you need further assistance, please feel free to submit a Support Request.

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