FAQs About Application Administration Tools

If other Admin Tools Help pages do not answer your questions, check here for an answer. If you still cannot find an answer for your particular concern, please submit a Support Request.

Q. Can I bulk load usernames?

The application has the ability to bulk load student and teacher usernames. You would need to provide us with a list of usernames and their respective passwords in a spreadsheet format. Please keep in mind that usernames and passwords are case-sensitive and need to be unique as we have millions of subscribers. Using numbers often helps and using a particular naming convention is helpful for you to tie the username to the appropriate person.

Q. Is there a district Administrator?

All users, including Admins, are located at an individual school by default: if you need District-wide access for your Admin Username, please submit a Support Request.

You can still access each of your schools using a single admin username. You simply login with any admin username, click My Profile in the User Menu, and change the school name with which it is associated by clicking on the school name drop-down menu (at the bottom of the screen).

Q. How do I change a password?

Admins have the ability to change passwords, lock and unlock users, change user roles, move, and delete users in your User Management section of Admin Tools.

To change or reset a password, simply locate the username in the user list visually or with the search tool, and click on the username. This will take you to a form to create a new username for the user (current passwords are not visible).

Alternatively, users can use the Forgot My Password link on the Registration page, but they must know the answer to their security question.

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